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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just in case you thought we forgot about our blog...

I am sure you are noticing a trend. We don’t post as much as we should. We’re trying…

Happy Birthday to me. I (Jenny) turned 30 last Saturday. Thank goodness I have had a lot happening in my life these days so I didn’t really have to think to hard about it.

For my birthday, sweet husband gathered some of my best friends for a weekend in Savannah. Savannah is one of my favorite places, and it is also a little design mecca so we took off for a weekend of shopping and lots of inspiration. I die over all things SCAD because it houses some of the most creative folks to hit the planet. Just spend a weekend in Savannah during their Fashion week and watch the likes of everyone from Tom Ford to Andre Leon Talley appear to support these students. Marc Jacobs has even opened a shop on Broughton Street. Seeing the store by itself is just a treat. Not to be missed on Broughton is 24e for its funky style, and BlueBelle Boutique for lots of fabulous clothes. Hit the SCAD store, Circa Lighting, One Fish Two Fish, and Arcanum Antiques, make sure to eat at Local 11 Ten, check out the sleek Jepson Center for architecture envy, and spend the night at the Mansion (or at least have a drink)…the d├ęcor is seriously cool. Spend most of your time at Number Four Eleven though, and talk to Claire and Courtland. They have a store that, like Gramercy, carries everything from refinished furniture to Madeline Weinrib rugs, and they can put a monogram on anything and make it look cool. You know we love a monogram in the south…

Check out C’s find from the weekend.

A fabulous black cabinet wallpapered on the inside with green Kelly Wearstler wallpaper. And she scored this find at half off. I know everyone is drooling. It would have made it to our shop if her husband hadn’t agreed to let her bring it home.

Back to Atlanta now with lots of new ideas.

John Robshaw bedding in at Gramercy this week. Come in and see.



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