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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crisp, Cool, and Calm

 It feels like only yesterday we were complaining about cold weather and lack of sun.  Well, we've certainly had a change lately.  Temps reaching the 90's.  No thank you.  I'm in the process of "lightening up" my bedroom.  Changing out heavy quilt with lighter blankets, etc...
This room caught my eye.  The refreshing pallete spoke to me in my time of temperature adjustment.  This sitting room above is actually part of the master bedroom.  How divine.
I love the shape of this headboard.  I'm usually a solid headboard kind of girl but if you are going to do a pattern then this is the way to go...
 You may recognize these photos from Coastal Living's feature on a Rosemary Beach home by architect Bobby McAlpine and interior designer Susan Ferrier.  The two knocked it out of the park as far as I'm concerned. 
I love, love, love this tub.  I dream of a tub by windows. So far any tub I've had with windows near would leave me a bit exposed.  I guess I'll have to save this for the day I buy a big piece of land and live off the farm - ha!

All images by Tria Giovan and at Coastal Living .  For a further look at the house go here.


abode love said...

That first space is so comfortable and casual. I would love to curl up and read a book--


paula said...

such beautiful images. so soothing. The heat is killing me already. ha.


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